The Digitalization Bootcamp


BOOTCAMP with Tiina Wilen

Let's build a simple Digital Client Acquisition System (DCAS) that works for you day and night, bringing you the customers and clients you need and deserve - on autopilot.

only €195 (normal price €497)

Next round starts: Aug 29th 2022

The goal of this program is simple: during this interactive, intensive program, we will help you build your Digital Client Acquisition System (DCAS).

the plan


Before we can build your DCAS, you need to make a few strategic decisions that will form your system layout, tools, and tactics. During the kickoff week, we will help you understand what options you have, what fits your business model and current stage, and why. 

You will close this week with a clear plan and a promise that makes sense to your audience. You will be ready to build your DCAS, and (hopefully) very, very excited!

2. the ASSETS

This week, we will focus on building your Lead Offer (LO) This is the asset that you use to generate buyers. Depending on your strategy (week 1), your LO looks different. So, we will help you put together the type of LO that your business needs. 

To help you get your LO ready fast, we have created ready-made templates that you can swipe and make yours. 

Also, you will understand how your LO fits into your overall business model, and how you make sure that you are attracting buyers, not just any random people. Finally, you will get clarity on how your LO works with your paid offers. 

BONUS: a copy template that makes your audience raise their hands and say "yes, please, I'll have that!" This only can save you €5000 - 10 000 in copywriter fees!

You will close this week with an asset that you can use for many years to come. This asset will bring you customers on autopilot. Yey! 


Now we get a bit technical, but don't worry... we do this together! 

On this week, our focus is on building the technical mechanism for delivering your Lead Offer. This includes a high-converting landing page, the technical mechanism for delivering your LO to each new lead, and the mechanism to invite the person to do business with you. 

We will cover our favorite tools (from free to paid) to building your DCAS, and help you implement them, step-by-step. 

You will close this week with a complete DCAS in place. Also, we know you feel super smart because you finally managed to actually build a digital client acquisition system, just like the big brands have, without the pain, confusion and misery. That's a great end for this intensive week!



Now that your DCAS is in place, it's time to invite your audience to raise their hands. The final week is dedicated to traffic generation. We put together at least one (you can implement more if you like) traffic engine that makes sure new people will take part of your DCAS. 

After this final week, you will feel confident that you actually can generate leads and turn them to customers, anytime you want. And on autopilot. You will most likely also think technology is, in fact, quite fun... but that we cannot promise :) 


This is the exact system we build together with our private clients who pay a minimum of €5490 for the implementation project. You don't need to pay that much and still get the same results
(if you prefer to work with us as a private client, book here)

Brand Design Masterclass

This masterclass recording is about the 5 elements of Brand Design & Development you must have in place to attract the right customers.

Digital Offer (DO) Design

Do you wonder what kind of digital products you could offer and how to build and launch one? Well, in this masterclass recording, we will help you create your own Digital Offer that you can sell with your new DCAS!

CRM Selection & Connection

You also need to select & connect your DCAS with your CRM to make your marketing and sales system complete. In this tactical masterclass recording, we help you select the best CRM and connect it with your DCAS.

Email Marketing 101

Email marketing is still the highest converting marketing methodology and an absolute necessity for all businesses regardless of the size or maturity. In this masterclass recording, we cover how to create a strategy for your email marketing.


How do you connect your DCAS with a free Lead Offer to your Digital Offer and get paid? In this masterclass recording, we design the exact workflow and technics to connecting your DCAS to sell your DO.

Black Book of TOOLS 

You will get Tiina's Black Book of the best tools to build your system. This list has tools for every business at every stage, and new tools are added continuosly.

this is not a "challenge"

We know the type of smart, successful CEOs and leaders we attract, and they don't have time for random, hypey challenges. 
This is a coaching program with a specific structure and the exact game plan for building your Digital Client Acquisition System so it actually works. And we will personally guide you all the way through it!

the process


You will get a short, specific assessment every day Mon-Fri.

You can plan the implementation as is fits your day.

We host live strategy workshops and Q&A each week and accommodate different time zones.

You can ask any questions inside of our bespoke training portal.



You don’t need to "learn more". You must implement, make decisions and take action.

This program is TAILORED for action takers who want to get results fast.


Do you feel like… 

you are lost in the digital landscape and unsure what exactly you need to build an effective,

digital sales and marketing system...?

you know about the elements but you haven't actually implemented them yet...?


Imagine this:

Somebody with 20+ years of experience, solid tools, frameworks, and the right skills takes your hand and says:

” This is how we do it “

and then helps you build it back-to-back.

Nothing left out. Nothing unnecessary added.


Tiina Wilen is a leading expert in helping professionals and small business owners digitalize their businesses to enable joyful growth.

Tiina holds a Master of Science in Systems Engineering & Bachelor in Business and she spent nearly 15 years in the corporate world as an IT & Management Consultant, Product Manager, and Global Process Manager, where she was responsible for multi-million euro offshore operations and delivery performance leading global teams of over 300 software engineers. She has worked as a CEO managing international brand launches, manufacturing, and distribution processes, and is now the CEO of Avenue; the leading growth engineering company in Europe offering coaching, consulting and education for SMEs. She also owns several international B2B & B2C brands, and manages to grow all her assets while spending a lot of quality time with her kids, husband, and pup.

After launching her first business in the home decor industry, Tiina saw that many small business owners lack solid systems that allow big companies to scale. Tiina and her team are now on a mission to grow profits, impact and joy for small business owners. 

this is not an online course

This is intensive coaching program during which we co-build your DCAS. All training and coaching is done by Tiina.
You get to ask any questions you have in the live calls.
You get to type your questions on the Wall, our private forum (not a Facebook group)
Recordings available? Yes.
Keep the materials forever? Of course.

I'm a beginner with no business yet, can I join?

Yes, you can join if you're ready and willing to build a business right from the start.

But, you need to know what you are selling, atleast on a theretical level. 

I'm so bad at tech... will I be lost?

Nope. That's the exact reason we created this, to untangle the tech jungle. We are excellent at explaining complex stuff so that it makes it easy to understand and implement. 

WARNING: you might even start to enjoy technology... it happens to our members all the time!

I want to create a digital product, will you help me to do that?

YES! It's part of our bonuses. 

How long is the program?

4 weeks of implementation workshops & support, forever access to the assignments, workshop recordings & videos.

What else do I have to buy?

Naturally, putting together your DCAS will require some tools, so you will need to invest in tools to make it work. However, we will cover many alternatives that work for all budgets!

What happens after the program?

You can continue working with us or not.

The most important is this: you finally have your DCAS in place and working. 

I can't join the live calls, will I miss everything?

A little, because we will co-build the DCAS together. But, you can type questions inside the Wall and get answers from our team.

Can I access all the materials at once?

No. The program is designed to focus on building your DCAS one step at a time.

I'm building a design company, product business, online courses... This works?

Yes, yes.

We help you put together your own client acquisition system, so unless you decide not to actually implement it, of course it works!

We are particularly specialized in building an EXPERT business, and how you want to deliver your expertise, that's up to you.

If you do the job, our systems and strategies work for your business.

You need to be ready to build it though. 

What's your workshop schedule?

Workshops are once / week at a pre-communicated hour. We provide the recordings in case you want to repeat or can't make it to the calls. 

How much time will it take?

A few hours a week. Please be prepared to work on the strategy side of your business! If you have no time at all, we will help you create an hour or two when we get started.

I really don't have time...

That's okay, come back when you have some time, or join the program now and go through it when you have time. 

NOTE: this is right now offered at an intro price. We will increase the price soon, so the sooner you join, you can secure the 60% off, and access it anytime, including the future uppdates and bonuses. 

How much access do I have to my coach?

You will meet your coach at the workshops and Q&A calls, and inside the training portal.

Who is my coach?

Tiina Wilen, the founder of Avenue Growth System.

Can I get a refund?

Of course. If you don't like this, we are more than happy to refund your money within 14 days from our kickoff.

What happens after the purchase?

You will get a receipt from us that you can add to your accounting. 

Then, as soon as we get closer to the kickoff date, we will send you invitation and materials. 


This is a consulting & coaching service with EU VAT...

If you are a Swedish company  --> VAT will be added.

If you have a valid EU VAT number --> no VAT is added.

If you are an EU company without a VAT number --> VAT will be added.

No business yet & in EU? --> VAT will be added.

Brexit - still no changes to VAT stuff as far as we know... so the above rules apply.

If you're outside of EU VAT zone --> no VAT is added.

If this is confusing, please check with your accountant :)

More questions?

Send them to us and we will get back to you!


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